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Financial and Retail Services


Business Activity Statement reconciliation and lodgement

Financial Management to Accountant ready stage

​Accounting systems 
Point of Sale systems
Job Costing systems with integrations   
​Inventory Control

Training, Development and People Management


Business Coaching

Workplace Health and Safety

Accident investigations and reporting

Award Interpretations
Statutory obligations
HR Systems and solutions
Employment Manuals 
Letter of Offers, Performance Management and Terminations
One on one or group training to suit your needs in any area of expertise

Start-up, Tune-up or Wind-up


Establish all legal entity framework, licences & insurance

Matching software packages to your needs

Chart of Accounts and Balance Sheet setup
Development of work systems, policies and procedures

Basic Website Development

Change Management
Business Analysis and Strategic Planning 

Business Health Checks - making sure you're on track

​Manage all legal aspects of business wind up and sale

Not for Profit

 All services offered under other categories

Governance establishment and training

Constitutions and legal framework

Board training and strategic development



The decision of a financial system and any add-on applications or hardware should be decided based on your business needs and nobody else's.  With over 200 add-on programs available allow us to take the leg work out of it for you.

We can recommend, install and set up systems to meet the needs of your accountant as well as your own business. 

Financial systems are not just to do your BAS (Business Activity Summary) and complete your income tax returns.  Your financial system should be Up-To-Date so you can see at any time how your business is travelling.  It should be easy to use, make sense to you and be set up and designed to suit your own business needs.  

We can help you establish how you want to see your business reporting.  Do you want to track your jobs/projects?  Do you want to use inventory in your financial system? Do you want your Point of Sale systems or mobile payment ability linking directly to your financial system? Do you need industry specific software? Do you need specific reporting for your board and/or committee? 

These are all questions that should be asked before committing to any particular system.  Call now for your FREE No obligation chat to work out what is best for your business system needs. 



Up-To-Date Consultancy is passionate about you getting the very best out of your people. Your people can make or break your business and it all comes down to the way you manage them, their safety and their knowledge and skills.  

Employees    We can assist you with your people needs whether its establishing new employees; training and development; performance management; skills analysis or mediation.  Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat 

Safety    Don't risk large fines for breaches of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, and even more importantly don't risk the health of your most valuable assets, your people. While you are busily working hard for a profit its easy to overlook changes in legislation and regulations. Are you Up-To-Date with your safety needs? Are your employee manuals and safety manuals user friendly and easily available?  Do you have Up-To-Date risk assessments and incident reporting systems in place?  Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat about your Safety needs. 

Training    Investing in your own skills and the skills of your people can seem to be a financial burden to your business but in reality it can pay you back several times over in increased productivity, staff satisfaction and loyalty. Do not ask yourself what if I train them and they leave, but rather ask yourself what if I don't train them and they stay. We can assist you to determine the right level of training for your staff, and deliver training to your financial team and management.

Systems    We can help you to choose systems that can assist with monitoring time sheets; rosters; and allocation of job/project costing that will help you with your business analysis.   Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat



Start - up    Starting up a new business from scratch can be mind boggling.  While you are busy at the forefront of the business set up,  whether you are into a trade service; retail; construction; non for profit and the list goes on it all takes time and money. 

Now is the best opportunity to establish your business  Goals, Aspirations, Budgets and systems.  With so much to get done let us help work with you.

We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with every decision.  Call now for a FREE no obligation chat about your start up business. 

Tune - up    Have you been in business for a while? Do you think you can improve anything?  Do you need to find out about the new laws and legislation in your industry but find it is a minefield?  Let us assist you with tuning up your business.  Is your financial or point of sale system out of date.  Call now for a FREE no obligation chat about your tune-up.

Wind - up    If you are ready to get out of your business, selling or closing down, we can help you. Part of close down includes payouts to staff, informing government departments, agreements with new owners and removal of your own confidential information not transferring to new business owners. Call now for a FREE no obligation chat about Wind-up needs.